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In years of serving the Silicon Valley, I have established a reputable working business relationship with a multitude of professionals.

Marketing Advantage

Maximum exposure to your property

  • Direct Mail Marketing: Distributed to selected range of neighborhoods: “Just Listed” Special Invitations, Customized Marketing Pieces, Targeted Mailing Lists, Newsletters.
  • Email Marketing: A mass distribution to Agents/Brokers and prospective buyers and leads.
  • Virtual Home Tours: 360-degree virtual home tour of your home on line.
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Computer assisted service for real estate agents. Distributed daily to the brokerage community throughout the Greater Bay Area.
  • Brokers’ Tour: This tour is opened to all licensed brokers throughout the Greater Bay Area.
  • Property Statement: A property statement lists the details of your property. This is displayed in our office for walk-in traffic and distributed to a large number of specific agents, which may have buyers for your property.
  • We have secured 5 top positions on selective zip codes in order to give your property the best exposure to one the most visited websites buyers search for property.
  • Agency Website: is our agency website. This site features company information as well as detailed information regarding all listings held by Sotheby’s International Realty.

Close review of six key market factors can give you a significant advantage in understanding and determining you market value. They are:

Factors we can influence

  • Condition: This directly affects both the speed of the sale and the price received. We advise our clients on how to prepare their property for showing in the most positive manner.
  • Terms: We will make recommendations on the most advantageous way to offer your property for sale, structuring various terms that will meet your objectives.
  • Price: After completing a comprehensive market study and preparing comparable sales data, we assist in determining the best possible price.

Factors we can’t influence

        • Location: The single factor with the greatest effect on value is location.
        • Competition: Which property to buy and how much it is worth is based on the choices available at the time. The inventory of properties the buyer will compare with yours is constantly changing.
        • Timing: The condition of the real estate market at the time of sale. We will develop and implement a marketing strategy that will work in whatever today’s climate is.


The Listing Price

Because buyer interest is highest when a property is first listed, the determination of the right price at which to introduce your property to the market is crucial. Do not confuse the act of “listing” your property with “marketing” it. It is critical that you not allow an agent to “buy” your listing. It is tempting to favor the company that suggests the highest listing price, or claims that they have a buyer just waiting for your property, but selling to a single buyer before exposing your property fully to the market may cause you to “leave money on the table.” You should also make sure that there is a marketing plan in place to support the suggested price.


Dangers of overpricing
California Real Estate Sales statistics show that if a property is priced:
5 – 10% OVER MARKET . . . 30% CHANCE OF SALE
10 – 20% OVER MARKET . . . 20% CHANCE OF SALE


Determining the right price

Overpriced properties do not sell. Buyers today are sophisticated and informed. Overpriced listings can rapidly “age,” resulting in the perception by prospective buyers that something is “wrong” with the property other than the price. Maximum activity occurs during the second through fifth weeks of a listing period. Accurate and attractive pricing during the first five weeks is critical.
Our objective is first to determine what a property should sell for in today’s market. We do this by researching comparable sales, evaluating competitive listings, enlisting other experienced Today Sotheby’s International Realty agents’ opinions. Once an expected sale price has been established, or at least bracketed in a fairly narrow range, the list price may be set as a function of the expected sale price.


Let’s get started

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