Congratulations to Phil Mickelson

I was so excited this morning when I tuned into the British Open expecting to find Tiger Woods making a run for the title and instead found Phil Mickelson was already in the club house with a stunning 5 under par round. Victory was his. Even after shooting a 3 over par second round he did not give up. He did not say to himself ‘here I go again’ – I lost the Masters and I’m going to lose the Open. NO – Phil Mickelson is a PRO. He comes out everyday and does his job. He practices over and over. He analyses his performance. He reviews his game plan. He prepares until every shot is ready to play. He does not let anything stand in his way – no excuses. So what does this have to do with your real estate career? You need to take a lesson from and look to Phil Mickelson for inspiration as you prepare for your next listing presentation. Do you have your performance scripted? Do you have your presentation tools (clubs) cleaned and sharp and ready to present? Have you practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and ……. until your swing is in the groove? Take a lesson from one of the greatest living golfers today. Do not be discouraged because you didn’t win the last listing. Don’t blame the fact that someone else was better or it just wasn’t ‘your day’. Get out there and sharpen your game. Dig in and practice your skills. Do it TODAY because your next presentation may come tomorrow.

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