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Today Sotheby's International Realty

Today Sotheby’s International Realty

您好! 我是蘇富比國際物業顧問美國舊金山灣區的代表 Shirley Liu, 劉雪菱. 美國硅古是世界有名的科技重鎮。這邊有全球著名的公司如蘋果電腦,網路搜尋引擎古歌,社交網絡臉書,和無數的新興行業和後起之秀,人才輩出。世界一流的學府如史丹佛,柏克萊大學也都在這裡。不管是旅遊或居住還是送您的子女到這裡進修都是最佳首選。
附近還有納帕古的酒莊和世界聞名的國家公園,如紅木公園,優勝美地,太浩湖,等等。環境優美,一年裡有十個多月都是陽光普照,不僅僅是在美國,縱使放眼世界,北加州也定是眾人所公認的人間天堂。 更別說這裡華人眾多,中國和東方美食都極為豐富,相信不管是購買度假屋或是永久居住都會是一件輕鬆愉悅的事情。
蘇富比國際物業顧問是高端房產裡的佼佼者。 我們的服務優良,物業代表背景卓越,學歷或經歷都非一般物業公司可比,肯定能投資房產上幫到您。 我們的物業是蘇富比拍賣公司的關係企業,歷史悠久,本是英國公司,現在總部在紐約。 世界名畫,昂貴的珠寶首飾,藝術品和紅酒都是經由我們公司向世界呈現,值得您的信賴,而在房地產方面也不例外。 我們期待能在不久的將來幫到您,相信以蘇富比國際物業顧問的非凡資源和優良服務,我們將會是您投資美國房產的長期合作夥伴。
This is Shirley Liu representing Sotheby’s International Realty in San Francisco, Bay area, USA. Silicon Valley is a world renowned technology center. There are globally recognized companies here, such as Apple, Google, Facebook and numerous startups and up and coming new companies, full of outstanding talents. World class schools, such as Stanford and Berkeley Universities are also here. Whether you are looking for leisure travel, residing or sending your children to study, here is the place to be.

Close by there are also Napa Valley wine country and famous national parks, such as Redwood National Park, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, etc. Beautiful environment and great weather with more than ten months of sunshine in a year, not only in the US, even if ranked among places in the world, Northern California must be the agreed paradise on earth. Moreover, there is a high population of Chinese here with an abundance of Chinese and Asian food. No matter if you are looking to purchase a vacation home or a long term residence, it will surely be a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Sotheby’s International Realty is elite among luxury real estate companies. Our service is exceptional, agents’ backgrounds are excellent, education and experience are unmatched by others in the industry; we can surely be of assistance to you. Our Realty is associated with Sotheby’s auction with a well-established and prestigious history. It was a UK Company, now headquartered in New York. Famous paintings, opulent jewelry and accessories, artworks and wines are all presented to the world by Sotheby’s. You can bestow your trust in us in Real Estate as well. We look forward to assisting you in the near future. With Sotheby’s extraordinary resources and excellent services, I am sure we will be your long term partner for investing in US Real Estate.
Shirley Liu – Today Sotheby’s International Realty


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Congratulations to Phil Mickelson

I was so excited this morning when I tuned into the British Open expecting to find Tiger Woods making a run for the title and instead found Phil Mickelson was already in the club house with a stunning 5 under par round. Victory was his. Even after shooting a 3 over par second round he did not give up. He did not say to himself ‘here I go again’ – I lost the Masters and I’m going to lose the Open. NO – Phil Mickelson is a PRO. He comes out everyday and does his job. He practices over and over. He analyses his performance. He reviews his game plan. He prepares until every shot is ready to play. He does not let anything stand in his way – no excuses. So what does this have to do with your real estate career? You need to take a lesson from and look to Phil Mickelson for inspiration as you prepare for your next listing presentation. Do you have your performance scripted? Do you have your presentation tools (clubs) cleaned and sharp and ready to present? Have you practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and ……. until your swing is in the groove? Take a lesson from one of the greatest living golfers today. Do not be discouraged because you didn’t win the last listing. Don’t blame the fact that someone else was better or it just wasn’t ‘your day’. Get out there and sharpen your game. Dig in and practice your skills. Do it TODAY because your next presentation may come tomorrow.

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Silicon Valley Market Stats

Check it out my new Market Stat capability, get your Silicon Valley Market Stats here

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome From Today Sotheby’s International Realty – Your Silicon Valley connection

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Welcome To My New Blog

May, 21, 2013 is the first day of this new blog, watch it grow

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